This project is essentially an exploration of geospatial technology and its potential for affecting the consciousness of any given community, both from a social and a political standpoint.
Taking the “hive mind” as a starting point, the targeted community, in this instance, was those artists living or working within the borough of Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown. Flyers were distributed to various arts institutions. Using Google Maps, participants were asked to furnish their latitude and longitude coordinates via a designated email address. These details were then inserted onto a map of the Borough.
In addition, a sound piece was generated based on the real time receipt of this information. The data generated, by this deliberate nudging of the digital environment, informed the shape of the resulting installation.
The ultimate intention here was to give visuality to the target community and thereby prompt empowerment, both of the group and its individual members. This project can be reformatted as a call to any community within South Dublin.
Darina Meagher
Deirdre Kearney